Fishing Tower Accessories

Samson Sports manufactures fishing tower accessories for just about any application needed.  Below you can find a sample of the different types of fishing tower accessories we carry.

Bolt on Rod Holder / Rocket Launcher


Single Rod Holder


Double Rod Holder


Triple Rod Holder

Our bolt-on rod holders are available in a single, double or triple option.  The anodized tubing will have a flared opening to guide the rods in to the extra deep tube. The finished look of the closed bottom design set these apart from the old style rod holders.  Using our state of the art in-house CNC equipment we make the billet tower clamp in 16 different sizes for your exact tower size. No more bulky one-size fits all clamps.  The unique feature of our bolt-on rod holders is the ability to rotate the tower clamp to any angle. This will allow you to position the rods holder anywhere on the tower and adjust them exactly like you want. The double and triple rod holders are available in straight (vertical) or angled toward the back of the boat.



Weld on Rod Holder / Rocket Launcher

Our weld-on rod holders are made from 6000 series aircraft grade aluminum.  The maintenance-free anodized finish will hold up to the harsh salt water environment. The flared opening will guide the rods in to the extra deep tube.  The “finished” look of the closed bottom design with a small drain hole mean the reel won’t get damaged by contacting the  opening.   The rod holders can be welded on the top of the tower or on the sides.

Bolt on Net Holder


Net Holder

Finding the best spot to keep your net accessible –but out of the way has never been easier than with our bolt-on net holder.  The CNC machined rotating clamp will offer adjustments on 3 axis.  We make the billet “exact-fit”tower clamp in 16 different sizes that sets it apart from the cheap looking universal clamp.  You can position the net holder on any angle of tubing and adjust it until you find the sweet spot.  Using our double flared anodized tubing, the net will slide out of the net holder without peeling the rubber grip of the handle.

The net holder will come with our self-adhesive “Silence Pad” that will attach to the gunwale.  This will keep the net handle from scratching the boat and keep it quiet.


Weld on Net Holder


Weld on Net Holder

The first thing you may notice on our net holder is the flair on both ends of the tubing.  The lower flair allows the net handle to slide thru the holder without trying to peel off the rubber grip. Using the same anodized tubing as our rod holders, the net holder will stand up for years in the harsh salt water environment.  We include a UV resistant “Silence Pad” that sticks to the gunwale where the net handle will rest.  This prevents the net handle from scratching the boat and keeps it quiet.

Tower Lights

No tower is complete without our rear facing tower deck lights.  Want to get rigged up at “Zero Dark Thirty” These compact tower mounted lights can be aimed down on to the deck illuminating everything   from the stern to the helm or aimed out the back of the boat.  You can also aim each light to illuminate the area behind the boat.

We offer 55 Watt Halogen lights.  We also offer LED tower lights. They are more expensive but draw about 70% less power.  Please call for more info on different lightingoptions and pricing.

LED Coast Guard Approved Lighted Rope Saver

Most Samson fishing towers come standard with a “Rope Saver/Tow Ball”-  it rotates as the skier/boarder cuts back and forth.  We can upgrade this to our LED lighted Rope Saver/Anchor Light/ tow ball. No more searching in the dark for that flimsy post light that plugs in to the back of the boat.

DSC_0010-300x198This US Coast Guard approved Anchor/Nav light will be turned on by your existing dash switch.  The LED light draws less than .2 amps and has a 50,000 hour life expectancy.

Remote Controlled Spot Lights

DSC_0015-300x198If you every tried finding a crab pot or searched for a buoy or channel marker in the dark you can appreciate how valuable a remote controlled spot light will be.  We can install the CNC machined mounting pad and a spot light with a wireless remote control, a dash mounted joystick or both on any of our tower models.

These spot lights can rotate in 370 degrees and have 135 degrees of up and down motion.

  • Go Light with wireless remote control including tower mounting pad and installation $430
  • Go Light with dash mounted wired remote control including tower mounting pad and installation $430
  • Go Light with wireless remote and dash mounted wired remote including tower mounting pad installation $470

VHF GPS mounting pads

We offer weld-on and bolt-on GPS and VHF mounting pads Our GPS mounts come in 2 styles- threaded nipple and puck style. Our VHF antenna mounts are designed for a Shakespeare style ratchet mount. . If you are ordering a new tower and have the antenna, we can install it on the tower and run the wire in the tower.

Radar Pads




Radar Pad

Want to add Radar to your tower?  We can add a mounting pad to any of our fishing towers. If you already have the Radar picked out, we can drill the holes in the pad and run the cable for you. We also offer raised Radar platforms for customers who want to install remote controlled spot lights and radar on the tower.  If you will be adding Radar in the future, we can install a pull-wire in the tower to allow you run the cable later.