Rear Mount Edge Collapsible Fishing Towers

Edge Collapsible Fishing Towers


The Samson Edge model collapsible fishing tower is custom designed to match the shape of your canvas top. If you keep your boat in the garage, one person can collapse the Edge Fishing Tower to below windshield height in about a minute-without any tools.  Every angle and bend of the tower is designed to match the styling of your boat and top.

The all welded Edge Fishing Tower uses aircraft grade aluminum that our craftsmen (and fisherman) will transform in to a work of art. All of the bending, welding and CNC machining are performed in-house.  We can transform your vision of a custom tower in to reality. Long gone are the days of the bolt-together “Swing Set” looking universal towers. The Edge tower will compliment the looks of your boat instead of looking like an add-on. Light mounting plates are standard on the Edge tower.  We offer options like rear facing LED and Halogen tower/deck lights, integrated LED anchor light/Rope Saver/Tow ball, along with bolt-on and weld-on rod and net holders, radar pad, GPS/VHF mounts and remote controlled spotlights. The Edge tower is available in a brushed anodized finish or over 500 powdercoat colors. Our commitment to building our products to a higher standard has raised us above the competition.

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